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Lindsay .

I practically grew up in restaurants my entire life. At nine years old, I was running food and bussing tables (behind the scenes, I was also told to do dishes, in which I flat out refused due to the hot temperature of the water, but also because I didn’t feel like it.) Like most child actors, I took a break from the fast-paced and bustling world of the restaurant biz, only to return six years later. You name the job, I probably worked it. Hostess? Check. Server? Check. Bar back? Check. Manager? Check. Backwaiter? Check. And now, thanks to Porch and Cellar, I can check off “owner” on that list. Well, part owner, at least.

Although, as a child, I had always pined to grow up to be an actress, a shopper lady, or a cat—I know, I had big ambitions— today, I work better doing behind the scenes type of things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still dramatic and loud and fluent in movie quotes, but I also am organized and OCD and take care of the day to day business of the restaurants. I like to think of myself as a type A and type B person— an AB person, if you will (and I will.)

I’m the lemon in your water. Let me explain; say you go out to a restaurant and ask me for a lemon wedge for your water. I leave, and moments later, come back producing a plate of lemons. Easy enough, right? Not exactly. The second I leave, I have to go all the way to the kitchen, dig through the coolers to find a lemon, grab a cutting board, steal a knife, create a work space, cut the lemon, put the wedges on a plate, put the rest of the cut lemon into a container, date and label the remaining lemons, put in a cooler, and then bring out the wedges to your table. Most of the work I do, no one sees. I may not be the one to cook your fantastic meal or create a wonderful cocktail or even be the smiling face to take your order— don’t worry, if I do end up taking your order, I might have some RBF working not so much in my favor. (And RBF is resting bitc—well… you know…) Even though I may not be prominent, I like being the one to turn the wheels. I’m basically Mark Zuckerberg (he’s the CEO of Facebook) I’m nerdy with a computer, do a lot of my office work in a hoodie, and went to Harvard. I’ll let you decide which one of those is made up….

I’m extremely excited to begin this new venture, and have my very own office! I know, I know, I did say I was a nerd. I actually really love bringing great food and drink to our city and I hope everyone can be as enthusiastic about this enterprise as I am. Can I also address the elephant in the room by announcing my infliction—my veganism. Yes, yes it’s true, I don’t eat meat or diary or eggs, but that makes me even more excited to show people that anyone— and really almost anyone— can eat at our establishment, even me!

Batman and I have a lot in common, probably because we both are so irresistible. And, like my winged friend, if you flash the special bat signal (in my case, it would be a Quicken signal,) I’ll be there. I’ll constantly be jumping from Porch to ZZest Cafe to ZZest Market to ZZest Lunch Counter, back to Porch, then to the Apache Mall, then back to ZZest, and so on. If you don’t see me lurking in the office at ZZest, I’ll probably be at Porch and vice versa—and I mean “lurking” in the best possible way.)

Anyway, enough of my rambling, eat some great food already!